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Freedom and democracy are fragile. The lessons we learned from communist and Nazi terror that devastated and crippled Europe, and many other nations, around the world, must never be forgotten. As inhumane regimes and their supporters around the world seek to minimize and rehabilitate the crimes of communist regimes, there has never been a greater need to shield this history from distortion and manipulation.

The International Museum for The Victims of Communism in Tallinn is the first global institution to be developed and built with a focus on examining the international crimes of communism through objective, fact-based research.

Your direct contribution will help support and raise awareness of this history for generations to come.

  • The museum is located in the notorious former Patarei Prison, which was deployed by both Soviet and Nazi regimes to facilitate mass political repression and is being provided by the Government of Estonia for the museum and research institute.
  • The historic Patarei Prison complex is a recognized endangered European heritage site by Europa Nostra.
  • 5000 sq meters of space in the former prison, including cells and common areas, will be dedicated to permanent exhibits, installations and the research centre.
  • Victims from Europe, Asia, The Americas, Africa and elsewhere, who have been forced to endure communist repression will be represented in individual exhibits.
  • Ongoing research by international experts, as part of our Senior Fellow program, will work with our international partner institutions to investigate the crimes of communist regimes – including documentation of the victims and perpetrators.
  • Gulag and other repression related archival materials continue to be actively destroyed by regimes seeking to rewrite history, in efforts to erase evidence of mass crimes of the Soviet regime. A new global research institute is required to preserve this history and act to protect and expose it.

Friends of the International Museum for The Victims of Communism

Our Friends of the International Museum for The Victims of Communism Donor Recognition program recognizes donors who have taken their cumulative commitment to the exceptional level of EUR 25,000 and above, to strengthen the Museum’s ongoing efforts to teach the lessons of communist repression; confront totalitarianism; advocate against intolerance; and defend against the denial of communist crimes.

In recognition of their substantial investment in the Museum, The Friends of the International Museum for The Victims of Communism receive international recognition and exclusive benefits including invitations to private events, behind-the-scenes experiences, and other unique opportunities to engage with the Museum and its mission. Those, whose gift EUR 25,000 or more are honored with a permanent engraving on the prominent Donors Wall.

Global leaders who support the museum

In appreciation of the generosity of The Friends of the International Museum for The Victims of Communism and their families, the Museum provides lifetime entrance to the museum, including:


Behind-the-Scenes Experiences

  • Opportunities for friends, business associates, and community groups to be privately greeted by Museum staff.
  • Invitations to participate in special events.
  • A private historical tour allowing supporters, their family and friends, to receive a personal introduction to the museum’s themes and this important history.
  • Get to know Estonia – a private tour of Estonia, focused on Estonian history, society and culture.

Exclusive Invitations

  • Special exhibition previews, openings, and private local receptions.
  • Periodic conference calls and briefings from experts.
  • Opportunities to engage in stimulating conversations with preeminent scholars, leaders and newsmakers.
  • Invitations to gatherings and international memorial events.

Appreciation and Recognition

  • International recognition in Museum materials and online.
  • In-depth information including Museum publications, special gift books and mementos.
  • Eligibility for inscription on prominent Donors Wall.
  • Each member will receive a personal, an exclusive historical artifact memento to acknowledge their contribution to the museum.


Sponsor and exhibit / room

Individual spaces, rooms and exhibitions, including national exhibits,  can be sponsored by donors. Spaces and rooms will feature prominent signage that includes the donor’s name. Permanent and temporary exhibitions, will include the donor’s name in all published materials and signage associated with the exhibition.


Wall of Memory Donors

Supporters who donate EUR 1000 or more will have their name included on the Museum’s Wall of Memory. A short digital biography will be included on the Museum’s website which can also be accessed via an augmented reality museum app for museum visitors.

Wall of Memory donors and their family, will also receive a guided tour of the museum when they visit.


Corporate sponsorhsips

There are various ways to get involved that align with your community relations and marketing goals.


Ongoing Support

Helps the Museum meet immediate and ongoing needs with regular annual support.


Corporate Sponsorships and Grants

These support Museum exhibitions, events, and public programs and provide investment and resources for Museum programs and educational initiatives. In-kind gifts of technology, equipment, and services are welcomed to meet the Museum’s strategic missions and fulfill project requirements.


Donor Benefits




Use of Museum name in custom promotion

(in accordance with Museum policies and regulations)

Logo inclusion on Museum’s newsletter distributed annually to .5 million visitors Name listing YES
Logo inclusion on or near stage at public programs (roll up banners, posters, etc) Name listing YES
Opportunity for CEO or senior executive to make introduction at a Museum event or program YES YES
Logo inclusion in printed program at major events YES YES YES
Recognition in ad(s) for one regional event (when applicable) YES YES YES
Logo inclusion on Corporate Partners page of Museum’s website (5 million annual visitors  to Museum site) YES YES YES
Recognition in Museum’s annual report and in, the Museum’s biannual magazine Name listing YES YES
Permanent recognition on Museum’s Donors Wall YES YES



Support for Special Exhibits, Projects and Reports

The Museum and Research Center will produce special exhibits, international research papers and reports, and will work on special investigations with various global publications about the crimes of communism. Opportunities to contribute and support special projects are available and will include recognition at public events, launches and in publicly available materials about the project.